Battery for old brushless motor

Vidas KatulisVidas Katulis Club Members Posts: 1

Hello guys,

Recently I am working on old RC car that I got, as I figured out it has this motor: I am sure it is Vector 4K.

It has been running on Turnigy 5000mAh, 40-50C discharge, 2cell 7.4V lipo battery. But as I have noticed the wires that are connected directly to the motor are heating up really badly, even the wire protection is melting. Now the battery is unusable since it gone puffy. Could it be bad battery? Could it be bad cooling, since radiator thermal paste is dried out? Maybe you have some recommendations for new battery?

Thanks for help!


  • ArdyyArdyy Club Members Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Hi Vidas,

    Did you connect the motor directly to battery? You can't connect a brushless motor directly to a battery. Brushless motors will not work without an ESC. The motor has no commutator so it needs an external commutator (which is built into the ESC) before it does anything at all. You might have damaged your motor/battery if you did that. As per motor specs, it can handle up to 2s, so the battery that you have is just fine. If it got damaged, you can still use the same.

    Now, if the motor is still working, you will need an ESC like this:


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