Recommendations for propeller shaft, motor, etc.

Soeren SoerensenSoeren Soerensen Club Members Posts: 1

I'm just started to build a RIVA Ariston, model 1959 build 263, from scratch after measurements on original boat converted to size 1:10.
But I need to decide hardware inside the boat, which I can't figure out by my self!
The boat is build very close to the original in Mahogny and is 655 mm long and 110 mm wide. My guess is that it will have a weight about 2 kg when I'm finished, but I'm not sure for that.

Can someone recommend:
Propeller shaft and what's needed for that! It's a one motor boat:-)
Motor, and should it be water cooled! If, then what do I need of hardware for that!
Esc and battery
Servo for rudder

Finally, and I know I'm a bit early here, have you any experience with adding sound to the boat so it's have a look alike sound when it's sailing:-)

Hopefully someone can help me a bit in the right direction

Søren Sørensen



  • canabuscanabus Club Members Posts: 39

    A B28-57-17L 1700kv with a 45A ESC, 3S lipo batteries/battery( one Turnigy 3s 30C 2650mah( or twin Turnigy 1500mah 3S 25C) and 2 blade 32mm CNC prop.
    ******* have a 4mm drive units( part No.934428) in lengths from 10 to 35mm also stainless steel uni joints to go from 3.175mm to 4mm prop shafts.


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