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FrSky EU Version Question

SystemSystem Posts: 59 admin
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  • Eddie_ncEddie_nc Club Members Posts: 1

    More of a question than a comment ... browsing through the FrSky goodies I noticed that some were marked as (EU Ver.) What makes this different from say a receiver I order to be delivered to a USA address?

  • Hobby_QweenHobby_Qween Club Members Posts: 76 mod

    Hi Eddie

    Great question :)
    Different countries have different laws when it comes to RC product. Because of this some products require additional testing or certifications.
    This is usually the case with telemetry receivers and radios which is why we have a US (FCC) version a and an EU (CE/RED) version.
    Hope this makes sense!

  • JeroleeJerolee Club Members Posts: 4

    It doesnt matter which version you purchase since all receivers can be re-programmed with any version. You need a STK tool for the this and get the software update from FrSky website. EU uses LBT by law LBT=Listen Before Talk. Only in EU its mandantory.
    The receivers are all the same but the programming.

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