LiPo stoireage mode

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ISDT FD100 Smart Discharger for LiPo/LiHv/LiFe/LiIon Batteries. I have purchased one of these hoping it will place my Li Po batteries into storage mode?
I think it is what the unit is designed for please correct me if this is wrong?
I have bought many Li Po batteries and never used so far except for charging and they are puffed up. I think I should not have stored them fully charged?

Kind regards Dennis Andrews


  • Daniel SleethDaniel Sleeth Club Members Posts: 7
    edited May 2018

    LiPo cells in storage would be about 3.8 volts. A safely discharged LiPo cell would be about 3.4 volts (3.0v is in the danger zone IMO).

    If that charger is discharging to 3.8, then I would say that is fine for storage. The IMAX B6 chargers for example, have modes for balance charging, discharging and storage. Each of those result in different cell voltages.

    If your batteries are puffy, that is a sign of stress, either through over-discharge, over-charging (more than about 4.2v per cell), or from a lot of use. I have left a 4S LiPo at full charge for a year and it had not puffed and worked okay. My puffy batteries have usually come from crashes or being thrashed about in a quad.

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

    Thanks Daniel much appreciated

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