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I am very new to this. Have an idea of what I need and what options I have, but I could use some help to get started with a little home fun project, so please ELI5 (explain like I'm 5). I have a basic understanding of electricity and that is it.

The kid have this toy car, and having a lot of fun with it. Thinking about attaching a little electric motor and a simple remote with forward/backward, no steering, and a rubber band to drive all four wheels with the motor.

The car is full plastic except the shafts, and the tiers doesn't have much of a grip, so some ESC or similar to control the power might be needed (or maybe just add weight to the car and cover the plastic with rubber like material).

My plan this is just for fun to get a better understanding of this, and maybe reuse the parts for later use in other random project.

Hope somebody with more knowledge can shed some light on what I need, or should think of (kind of motor, etc).



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    You could use a silver can motor with power directly off a power pack such as this or this with a switch on one of the wires to turn the motor off and then put a spur gear on one axle and attach a pinion gear to the motor and then somehow mount the motor so that it will mesh with the spur with about a thickness of paper between the two. Your mount will have to be adjustable as you will need to play around with different gear ratios to get the speed right. Keep in mind this will not give you any control over the vehicle, it will simply just move the wheels, but as you won't be able to turn it anyway there isn't much point putting radio control into.

    Now I have seen something like this turned into a fully controllable skid steer by using radio control and individual motors on each wheel, but if you only have the basics of electricity to work with this is probably going a bit too far.

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