Turnigy nano-tech or Graphene for use in Bosch drill?

Slobodan RadoicicSlobodan Radoicic Club Members Posts: 2

Original battey pack for Bocsh PSR 960 is 9,6V 1.2Ah Ni-Cd. Those cells are all flat.I have tried a few times to buy new Ni-Cd batteries or a complete pack, but Chinese customs always refused to send it. And that battery pack in Serbia costs 70% of the price of the new drill.
So, I am doing a conversion from NiCd to Li-Po. I will add a Li-Po charging circuitry, and undervoltage/overvoltage protrection for the battery pack.

My questions are:

Which one of those two batteries do you recommend? Only those two are suited (can fit, and have high discharge ratings).


Also, which one of those have thicker wires?


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