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  • Richard CaponigroRichard Caponigro Club Members Posts: 1

    Regretfully the BushMule should not be marketed at strong noemr a beginner plane. The plane landed from about 10 feet altitude 4 second flight on grass and the front wheel housing broke within the foam. Then the plane flipped over and one of the propellers had 2 blades break off. Oh. The left wing broke at the seam.
    Do not advertise this plane as durable. It is however no longer usable.

  • Hobbyking_IanHobbyking_Ian Club Members, Unconfirmed Posts: 160 ✭✭

    So your plane fell from 10ft and it broke. I would consider this consistent with a fall from 10ft and quite normal and perhaps it would be best to spend more time on a simple glider before progressing to this aircraft.

  • clearskyclearsky Club Members Posts: 1

    I can't find any replacement props for Bush or Sky Mule on the parts list at the moment. I know they're the same thing, I just mean HK website is not offering anything suitable.

  • James ButlerJames Butler Club Members Posts: 1

    Like my SkyMule before it, my BushMule has become one of my favorite planes. I have taken some liberties regarding the appearance of my Mule and it goes to the field with me more than any plane I have.


  • Hobbyking_IanHobbyking_Ian Club Members, Unconfirmed Posts: 160 ✭✭

    Great video James. Love the paint job too

  • Kris HellenbergKris Hellenberg Club Members Posts: 1

    It was love at first sight when I first saw this plane. Now having owned it for six months I'm starting to loath it. On the fourth flight the elevator servo froze in an upward position and she spiraled 75 feet (22 meters) right in to the asphalt. Surprisingly, only the props, fuse and canopy were destroyed all else was repairable. Now the fun begins. I get new fuse and all new metal gear servos. No canopy in stock, no props anywhere... What the hell Hobby Queen, where are the props?
    With reassembly complete it's time to focus on props. Can't use prop adapter because motor is proprietary and the horribly undersized prop shaft runs through motor. Debated cutting off prop shaft but decide to try the recommended Master Air Screw props instead. Props are quite a bit heavier than originals with a larger hub as well. They look oversized compared to the undersized motor/ESC combo used on this plane. So now it flies great for about one minute then my ESCs overheat cutting power to the props and I sadly glide in for a dead stick landing. I'm still waiting for the original 10x8 props the manual calls out for. None to be seen of course. I have also renamed my plane the "BushPig" because it's a big tubby bird with horrible tendencies- basically like flying a pig with wings. This was the first plane I've bought from HQ and may just be the last after all this.
    Suggestions for improvement; better servos, bigger power system, vortex generators, better wheels\tires, better servos, replacement clear light covers for wings, better servos, better location for nose steering servo, better servos, replacement props, better servos.

  • HobbyKing_SupportHobbyKing_Support HobbyKing Support Posts: 544 ✭✭✭
  • Terry SwappTerry Swapp Club Members Posts: 1

    Like most every plane, either no parts or they are always on back order. And hardly ever available in the USA warehouse. The upgraded the skymule to the bushmule but forgot to upgrade the servo and light connections between the wing sections like on the tundra. Poor job of upgrading.

  • Glen SmithGlen Smith Club Members Posts: 2

    My friend owns one of these, seeing it for the first time it reminded me of a Britten Norman Islander. Depending on conditions on the day, landing from ten feet can cause damage to models. Depending on the model I do find some of the kits have not so good servos or ESC but are easily fixed. But one of the benefits of foam models is if you crash, get out the hot water and a hot glue gun and your back flying.

  • Richard BrownsteinRichard Brownstein Club Members Posts: 2

    Can someone tell me the actual diameter of the main wheels on the Bush Mule?

  • sebastien verbraekelsebastien verbraekel Club Members Posts: 1

    I have my new bush mule and after the second fly he flip down and crash, after analyse i se that the servo on the elevator not respond anymore and this only after Second fly,, .
    so now i see all this discussions its a big problem of servos in de plain, y hope hobby king take the responsabilite because like you know when you sale a product in europe you are nead giving guaranty ,, so i hope hobby king resend me a compleet canopy and new servo as compensation .

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