Turnigy 9x - No Roll Signal After Battery Change

Justin DobbsJustin Dobbs Club Members Posts: 1

Hey All,

Question someone can (hopefully) help me out with. I just rebuilt my 250 quad and have been going back through the calibration in Mission Planner. (I'm running an APM 2.5 controller). During the radio calibration, both sticks were sending all the correct signals, but I noticed my radio was beeping (low battery I assume), so I went ahead and changed out the batteries. I haven't upgraded to rechargeable batteries yet, so I'm still using the AA's. After putting in the new batteries, I'm not getting a roll signal at all when calibrating the radio in mission planner. All other signals seem to be working find, but I get 0 movement on the roll. I confirmed the radio is in Acro mode just how I had it before.

I'm not sure what to check here. Is there anything that swapping out the batteries could have done to cause this problem? It doesn't seem to me like a mechanical problem since it started at the same time I changed the battery.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can try here?



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