JiYi P2 Pro info.

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Hi Gary, probably not your area of expertise, but maybe you know a man or woman, who is an expert. I got my jiyi p2 Pro from the Hong Kong warehouse. First of all how do I find out which state of upgrade it is in. Next, how do I get my windows 10 pc to connect reliably and finally, if I need to upgrade the firmware, how do I get the upgrade program to link to the main jiyi unit. It downloads the hex file and then it doesn’t connect to the P2 Pro to flash the upgrade. I have the system wired up correctly, pc USB port connected to the power unit micro usb. The led unit flashes and the main unit green led illuminates, so it is ready to go, but it doesn’t. Help please. Just to be clear, the usb connection works, but not reliably and I do not know which of the 3 p2 Pro assistant software packages to use.
Regards and best wishes, Bob


  • Silver tyroSilver tyro Club Members Posts: 19

    Well, a bit more research and I find I have a version 1 of the p2 Pro, so the update is not valid, unless you know otherwise. The main unit is redesigned so maybe only the v2 hardware needs the new firmware.

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