My 24 replacement fuselage

911grahamt@gmail[email protected] Club Members Posts: 3

Hi I have the old model of this and have flown it to death and like it so much I have purchased a new body after a mishap and really impressed with the new part bu when it came to bolting on the wing I hit a small snag as in your upgrade you have moved the retaining plates deeper into the body making the original screw a little problem is where do I get some that fit.i am only saying this to let people know they need longer screws if they are refurbishing their old models
Regards graham


  • 911grahamt@gmail[email protected] Club Members Posts: 3

    On examining the fuselage more closely the fixing plates for the wing have been fitted upside down so the bolts are to short .a-replacement fusalage is on its way .very good service from the HobbyKing team well done

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