Hobby king Cessna 172.

Neil WallaceNeil Wallace Club Members Posts: 4

Oooo ahhh what a fantastic model. This plane set up with landing light, and nav lights connected by a nifty set of contacts on the centre of the wing which still allows the the wing to be dismantled for transport. Anyway a piece of cake to put together. The unit I have is a bind and fly so I have a spare receiver and quickly bound it to one of my 6 channel transmitter. There was no issues for the construction and apart from my starboard green nav light not working the plane is a nice little realistic replica of the real thing. The madden flight took place in a ten kmh wind and after a preflight check of all controls we took off. It took about fifteen feet of runway and without more than a twitch of the elevator climbed out into the blue sky. Left and right yaw turns with the rudder were nice and stable. The same turns using ailerons and rudder to balance the turns were beautiful. Finally stalls were an easy recovery as you would expect. This would be a great first aircraft with ailerons as it is so stable. Another win for hobby king.

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