Prop Adapter / Drive choice

James ButcherJames Butcher Club Members Posts: 1

Is this Prop adapter suitable to put on the 4mm shafts of these 2312 Motors to fit these Props, the props don't quite fit as they are, and I didn't fancy trying to bore them bigger without making them really unstable.

And how do they look in context of been mounted on a S500 frame with a Mini Revo (its so tiny!) with LibrePiolot and an M8N GPS and a Turnigy 4-in-1 blheli 30A esc.

Ecalc suggested that this looked good across the board without stressing the motors, and with plenty of capacity left over for when i want to add a Gimbal/Camera, but for now I just want to get it in the air, but this is my first build (all be it ambitious)

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