FREE SHIPPING. offered at time of sale. withdrawn just before i paid

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I was offered free shipping on my plane if I bought $20.00 more stuff. I added $25.00 of arrows and then the offer was withdrawn some where between adding and paying. I contacted live chat and got Unethical and in Australia illegal hidden escape clauses. The old hobbyking would not make the offer in the first place or honor it as offered. Live chat discussion pasted below.

Start Time:
04/07/2018 06:11:00
End Time:
04/07/2018 06:27:10
Customer Service

Operator Jeremy has joined the chat.
Jeremy: Good day, paul! Thank you for contacting HobbyKing Chat Support! This is Jeremy assisting you! How may I help you?
paul: I saw a message saying free delivery if I buy $20. make up the extra I added arrows to my order. u still want to charge me delivery.. WHY/
Jeremy: You may refer to this link.
paul: no way! The plane was in my cart when it told me free shipping available. so you must honor your offer as it was made.
paul: you cant offer free shipping on an item then use hidden terms to remove the offer after it was made
Operator Jeremy has sent a file: 04/07/201806:17:307b83869902414236bae92038d79c409e.jpg
paul: I read that but the offer was made with the plane in the cart\
paul: if i have an item in my cart you wont deliver free then DONT make the offer
paul: or if your ethical honor the offer you made
Jeremy: The free shipping you saw during your cart is for reference only. Terms and conditions may still apply.
paul: this is unbelievable the free shipping for reference only. its rubbish either DONT make the offer OR HONOR it as presented to me. the free offer when made should be given.
paul: in Australia your conduct would be illegal due to truth in advertising laws
Jeremy: Refer to the link I had provided.
paul: I did its not acceptable I'm sure it is unethical even if hk laws permit such bait advertising
Jeremy: I am afraid so
paul: well back to banana hobbies for me. ive spent thousands with the old ethical hobby king ill not spend a cent with crooked hk and their hidden escape clauses
The transcript will be sent to "*******[email protected]".
The visitor has left the chat.
The chat is ended. (06:27:10)


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    Most planes and other large, bulky items are exempt from the free shipping promo.

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