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setup selection

KK SUTTONKK SUTTON Club Members Posts: 6

When a transmitter has setups like heli,airplane,etc should I use airplane for a multirotor, as that is not one of the options. I assume the controller interprets the th,al,ele and rud into the correct outputs??

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  • KK SUTTONKK SUTTON Club Members Posts: 6

    Thank you sir. I am a complete newb and all though a fairly good tech, most of the info on these forums assume a basic knowledge of the processes I don't possess. I have a 9xr pro that I can bind to an orangerx receiver but cannot send a throttle signal to test my esc/motor. If you could direct me to a source of this sort of simplistic function it would be greatly appreciated.

  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭

    Suggest you start right from scratch and connect a servo in turn to each output of the receiver and establish each channel/TX stick combination. Difficult to do this using an ESC/motor combination from scratch if you are still finding your way with the TX/RX combo.

    If your TX is set to Mode 1 then right vertical should be throttle, right horizontal =Aileron, left vertical =elevator, and left horriz = rudder. If TX is set to mode 2 the left sticks should be rudder and throttle, right sticks = aileron & elevator.
    The mode selection is available in the TX setup menu.

    Decide which mode you want to use for standard aircraft control - depends on mode used by flying mates who you will call on to assist with trimming new models for first flights. Mode 2 is a good mode to use for multi rotors so might be best to use if multis are your preference.
    Having made that decision use a servo to check the channel mapping of your setup and establish/note which control is output from each receiver channel.

    There should be a comprehensive manual for your 9XR-Pro under the file menu on the HobbyKing product page. All the setup menus are illustrated and discussed.

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