Hobby king super cub.

Neil WallaceNeil Wallace Club Members Posts: 4

Well what to say I built this plane ages ago did a test fly all good loved it moved on. I pulled it out the cupboard yesterday and charged it up. Recently I have been flying all sorts but it all seems to be FPS, quads, and so on all high speed or multiple inputs good fun but I just needed to fly. This is an easy build for a beginner it only has throttle, rudder, and elevator so it is also a simple fly again for a new flyer. Today it was 15 degrees c no wind sun was out perfect. So off I went to the field no one there had it all to myself. Off she went it was so peaceful in my real flying I had to prove I could land a plane with no elevator and that is how I ended up flying the cub one thumb on the throttle and rudder. She is so stable and gentle I flew round and was chased by a flock of birds it really recharged the batteies. Anyway down to the nitty gritty I squeezed in a 11.1v 1300 ma battery and this gave me about twenty five minutes flying time. It did not adversely affect the weight and balance it pulled off circuits, stalls, fast climb and slow climbs. An absolute pleasure to fly with no pressure. I would recommend everyone goes back now and then for a bit of fun. Well done on a great model.

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