Supermarine spitfire

Neil WallaceNeil Wallace Club Members Posts: 4

I have now completed the spitfire build and test. I had a 15km wind just off my runway so had to do a bit of a crab landing. The build itself was straight forward insertion of the battery make sure it is fitted as close to the rear as possible and please do a weight check. In real life these aircraft apparently were a beast to fly and this has also transferred through to this model. It is excellently designed and first flight was completed with flaps and wheels down. It let me fly slow and safe to adjust the trims. After two passes I raised the gear and flaps and increased speed. We completed a few circuits and then changed batteries and off again. This time the plane was good to go and did it go. You should watch the wind though as I was coming in for touch and go the cross wind increased and I had to avoid the landing so called it quits next time round and focused on the landing. A great model,a solid flyer but recommend for someone who is a natural or has a few trainers and low wing aircraft under their belt. Well done hobby king.


  • Shaun O'MalleyShaun O'Malley Club Members Posts: 12

    I found her easy to fly at 60% power. Open her up and things get exciting real fast. Shes a joy, keep the speed up in finals.

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