Rescue boat on hand

Neil WallaceNeil Wallace Club Members Posts: 4

This is just something I have found handy to have as I have a larger than most boating area and when I have been blasting around even though I set my timer to alert me a couple of minutes before the intended run out time I have set up a wire hook on an older power boat with a battery that may be near the end of its power life. What I found that this boat comes in handy when I get carried away and don’t hear the alarm I send out the rescue boat and slip the hook over the bow and she just edges it back to shore no problems. Just a thought.


  • __rgb__rgb Club Members Posts: 4
    1. After I lost my first sailboat because I did not have a rescue boat I installed a motor with it's own battery in my second one. It's set up so if the first battery gets to low the servo on the motor goes full CW and turns on not only the motor but also parallels the batteries to the receiver.
  • Paul ZiraldoPaul Ziraldo Club Members Posts: 1

    Please explain in detail, the procedure for setting up the rescue motor.

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