PEI sheet/sticker for tronXY

a vellingaa vellinga Club Members Posts: 2

going through the accessories of the 3d printer section i noticed that some of the printers being sold by hobbyking have PEI sheets.
this goes for:
mini factory v2 - 102 x102 mm
malyan m200 - 130 x 140 mm

my question is when will these sheets be available for the bigger volume printers that are being sold

tronxy x1 - 150 x 150 mm
tronxy x3 - 220 x 220 mm
malyan m150 - 200 x 200 mm

adding multiple sheets leaves seems as those that i got are not square
blue tape gets ruined to easy

i'm hoping hobbyking will add a 225 x 225 mm PEI sheet to the assortment of 3d printing at a reasonable price
this would make my, and so many other people's hobby a lot easier and less frustrating


  • Rob NistersRob Nisters Club Members Posts: 3

    I have a Creality CR-10 S5, with a print bed of 510 X 510 mm.
    It would be great if you'd stock PEI sheets in that size in the EU warehouse

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