9XR Pro hall sensor gimbals

Octavio SantosOctavio Santos Club Members Posts: 3
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Hi, I've been wondering. Since the 9xr pro is a great radio for the price with lots of features at a fraction of the price of others, wouldn't be nice to bring some light upon it and grant it some nice hall sensor gimbals for that cherry on top of the cake quality?
BTW, I notice that there is almost no replacement gimbals and parts for this radio at the store. Why is that?


  • Octavio SantosOctavio Santos Club Members Posts: 3
    edited March 2018

    If you agree, write it down. Make this radio great again. This radio deserves this upgrade. If Hobbyking made the quanum 3 axis gimbal for quad racing, which is hall sensor, why not two normal hall sensor gimbals?
    Please support this thread by writing your thoughts. Thx.

  • Hobby_QweenHobby_Qween Club Members Posts: 76 mod

    Hi Octavio, Glad you like the 9XR Pro, however at this time we have no plans to stock spare parts. This radio is an older model and will no longer be for sale on the website moving forward.
    Happy flying :)

  • Octavio SantosOctavio Santos Club Members Posts: 3
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    Thats a nasty end for this radio, especially when a lot more could have been done. What's the reason for discontinuing such a nice radio and its spare parts? There should be spare parts available, because there's a high demand. I don't think that its the best decision to just abandon a product like that. Hobbyking has to reconsider this, even though there's no intention to keep producing it, the spare parts have to be available. As an example, due to the constant lack of spare gimbals, i had to purchase a different one and adapt it to fit properly. That's not the way to go. Im sure that a lot of people out there agree with me. Other thing is: you keep selling the Turnigy 9x, you now even have lots of spare parts for it, but you plan to kill one of your best creations.

  • SilentExceptionSilentException Club Members Posts: 8

    I actually opened this thread very excited hoping to see hall sensor gimbals only to see the complete radio discontinued. Very sad to read this. 9XR Pro is such a nice product.

  • Jose Manuel Urritegui LecuonaJose Manuel Urritegui Lecuona Club Members Posts: 2

    They have ripped me off with that radio! :#:#

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,610 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018

    Jose how have you been ripped off?

    Hall effect gimbals for the 9XR Pro are no problem by the way. With a little work, the Taranis M9 gimbals will do perfectly.

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