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Price War

agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

Hello Toby.... I sent an email regarding a price war item on 6th March...Today is 10th March and I have not had a response.

When I asked C/S how long do I wait for the response they said..I dont know.,That is a marketing issue..

Well here I am..You are Marketing so,,Can you tell me why I have not had a reply and why is there not a response time to those emails.

Thank you,,

John...(agedflier) [email protected]



  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    When can I expect a response?

  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    Hi @agedflier - Good news and bad news :)

    Good News - I can confirm that the Marketing Team received your price-war message on the 6th. The pricing that you nominated is valid and the team have updated the price on our website to be lower than the quoted price in your email.

    Bad News - Our IT capability is somewhat limited right now and thus we haven't got the functionality for the system to inform you of the outcome of your price-war email. I've poked the right folks down in IT to see if we can get this update done (fingers crossed).

    So what are you building?

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    I thank you for your "late" response and the lowering of the price..However the price where I would normally buy the retracts (NSW Warehouse) has not changed.

    Are you saying that the price war only applies to items in the "Global" Warehouse?

    If you wish to reply directly my email is [email protected]

    I am "rebuilding" a Dynam P-61 that had been crashed and need reliable retracts soon so a price the same as Global would be appreciated. AU$2.22 per item is a good saving.

    I also have used these HDK-514's in many of my other planes..mainly Durafly.

    Thank you..


  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    I do not appear to have got a response regarding the price match/drop of the HKD-514's in the NSW warehouse... A lot of my purchases are made there and I would have hoped that I could buy them there.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,469 ✭✭✭

    I wouldn't hold your breath.

  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    Hi @agedflier we've repriced the product from our Hong Kong warehouse to match the price that you quoted from *******. We haven't adjusted the price from the AU warehouse because of the additional costs involved with stocking the item locally.

  • KaosKaneKaosKane Club Members Posts: 1,852 ✭✭✭

    another unethical escape clause which would be illegal in Australia.
    HobbyKing either give the offers you make or don't make them. like old hobbyking did

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    I went back into my "cart" to complete my order which included the said retracts only to find that you have changed the price back to the original. How long does the price last.

    My understanding of a price match is that the price stays at the "matched" price..

    A quick response would be appreciated ..Thank you.

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    I have removed the retracts (4) from my cart until the lower price is restored.

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    Well...3 days and still no response from the VP...regarding the removal of the reduced/matched price of the HKD-514 retracts.. If the VP doesnt deem these matters important what hope have we got from the rest of the organisation.

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    Well It is now 16 April and still no response from the V.P. I ask the question "What is the point of having a forum to discuss/resolve issues when the people responsible will NOT take the time to respond".

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    Another 4 days (now 20 April) and still no response... I wonder now if Hobby King are on the path to self destruct ignoring their customers and the Long delays in the appearance of now models...Soon is all they say...

  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    @agedflier apologies for the late reply. The price should've stayed at the low price after your price-match request. I'm working with our IT team to understand why it jumped back up. I'll make sure that it's adjusted again today to reflect the lower price.

    @Sparrow I understand your frustration. I have explained why the website needed to change on RCGroups but for your benefit I'll explain again. Our old website was operating on a custom .net code base. This code language is getting old and isn't as fast as some of the newer html5 or html7 languages. It also isn't' optimised for mobile usage. Our old website also had a huge problem sustaining the amount of concurrent customers that we were getting during a sales period. Our new website has been a vast improvement achieving 100% up-time during our Cyber November and March 2018 sales events (which are some of largest in our history).

    Now, before you rant on about how we messed up the site; we know...we're acutely aware that the relaunch of our website was a disaster and we've taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. What we've been doing now is adding back the bits'n'pieces to make our website more functional and more stable. We're also working on a big project that we think will be even than the current incarnation. We're hoping to have this launched in the VERY near future.

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    Wed 25th April Au time...Checked and price has not changed.. I will recheck again later in the day..

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 399 admin

    @agedflyer. The price has been changed in the International warehouse.

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    Sorry to disagree The price is still the same..Do you have a screen print of the price please. Now Thursday 26th April.

  • John BobedaJohn Bobeda Club Members Posts: 1

    Aged flyer, have you tried reloading the site in your browzer? Sometimes your "cache" will retain the old site page and needs to be reloaded .

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 399 admin

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    Sorry guys..That is NOT the original "price war" price....that is the normal "Global" price.

    Im not at home where I wrote the price down .However from memory the price then was around the $9.50 mark.

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    OK.. Im home again... Have a look at the attached screen print dated 26/4/18 and you will see it showing AU$11.23(normal price
    ) At the time ******* had them listed at AU$10.63 (bulk price-more than #1)
    Hobby King then went better and as you can see in my post 1March I made mention of a saving of AU$2.22per retract..

    The "Price War" price of AU$11.50 you posted is higher than the price I have posted so...How can your attachment be a "discount" "Price War" price??

    Im not that good at attachments so hope you can see the post correctly.

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 399 admin
    edited May 2018

    @agedflier I can't see the problem. The price in your screen shot is A$11.23 the current price in HobbyKing is A$10.69. HobbyKing doesn't do bulk pricing. The price could change at any time.

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    If you read my post correctly you will see that at that time there was a saving of AU$2.22 per retract.. the difference now is only 54c.. If the"price war" price had not been removed in error as mentioned by the VP then the difference should still be AU$2.22...

    Where in any of my comments to I mention Hobby King bulk pricing. I was happy to buy them at the originally quoted "price war" ..THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!!

    Are you an employee or someone answering for the VP who no longer wishes to respond??

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    Well...7 days and no response from "Helper" Maybe He knows he is wrong?? I still stand to be corrected.

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 399 admin
    edited May 2018

    The price for the competitor in your price match was A$11.66. The current price in HobbyKing is A$10.69. HobbyKing has a lower price than the competitor you requested the price match against. Could you let me know the price you are expecting to see and why this should be the case?

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40 got it wrong....At the time(March) your price was AU$11.66 The competitor price was AU$11.18 (AU$10.63 bulk) and FREE shipping... Your price then with the AU$2.22 saving would have the price war price at AU$9.44 plus shipping.

    I do understand that we are subject to changes in the $$$$ value

    The price you are now quoting(H/K) AU$10.69 is 6c higher than the competitors original "bulk" price of AU$10.63

    I dont set the "price war" price. However I would expect it to be better than the price now being offered. If the original price difference is AU$2.22 then I would hope the difference to be the same considering you do not offer free shipping on small parcels.

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 399 admin

    Now I have a better understanding of the issue. As I tried to explain before HobbyKing price war doesn't cover the competitors use of bulk pricing as HobbyKing doesn't use bulk pricing so the price war would be against the competitor's price of AU$11.18, not AU$10.63. I don't know where the AU$2.22 saving you quote comes from.

  • agedflieragedflier Club Members Posts: 40

    OK>>AU$9.44(original price war price)+AU$2.22(the original difference) = AU$11.66(price when listed in March). I wrote all this information on paper at home when I place 4 items in my basket.

    Your price difference using your current pricing is 49c...AU$11.18(competitor)- AU$10.69
    Not much of a war..more like a

    Hobby King doesnt do bulk pricing OR free shipping on small do we go from here??

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 399 admin

    Below is a copy of the Price-Match Message that was received (I have removed your (customer) email address.

    Subject: PRICE-MATCH Message for: HKD-514

    Product Name: Digital Servoless Retractable system (1pc) 54g
    Customer Email:
    Product SKU: HKD-514
    HobbyKing Link:
    Customer Comment: They also have a bulk(more than 1) price of $10.59

    Same retract different label
    Other Store Link: https://www.*******.com/store/product/1PCS-Digital-Servoless-Retract-with-Metal-Block-Quad-Retractable-Landing-Gear-PZ-15091M-For-RC-Airpalne/2622044_32804156110.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.35021dc8h7upDA
    Product Price: A$11.66

    I assume that this was the information that you input into our system for the price match. Therefore the current price is below what we were advised the competitor was using at that time.

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