Durafly Spitfire Mk24

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Ladies and Gentleman, the much-loved Durafly Mk24 is back.


Once again Durafly has done an outstanding job in reproducing this iconic aircraft. Incorporating the sleek lines of the full-sized aircraft, adding amazing scale detail and delivering a superb finish, Durafly has spared nothing in bringing you the best rendition of a Mk24 Spitfire in this size. This model is painted in 80 Squadron markings whos Spitfire Mk24's were based in Hong Kong until 1952. Some Spitfires were then transferred to the Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force who used them until 1955. This updated model comes with ball link connectors on all control surfaces and uprated 550KV motor, 45A ESC and 5-bladed propeller for superior performance.

The MK24 was fastest and the most powerful variant of the Supermarine Spitfire ever made! It saw service with the RAF from 1946 to 1955 and with the new Rolls Royce Griffon motor, it was one of the most advanced piston-engined aircraft of its time. Capable of speeds in excess of 450mph and with the ability to reach 30,000 ft in only eight minutes, the Mk24 certainly carried on the proud heritage of R J Mitchell's prototype.

With servoless electric retracts, split flaps, navigation lights as well as an authentic colour scheme, it will certainly satisfy the scale afficiados and as for flying, Durafly’s powerful outrunner motor coupled with the new Aerostar 45amp ESC ensures that the MK24 Spitfire is capable of 'straight up' vertical performance on 4S but still can provide great scale performance. The Mk24 inspires confidence in flight and will certainly wow spectators as only a Spitfire can and on the ground it’s large rudder and steerable tailwheel have been designed to improve handling and its forward raked main gear makes takeoffs and landings far easier and more scale like.

Durafly has certainly ticked all the boxes with this version of the renown Mk24 Spitfire and added yet another thoroughbred to it's growing stable of warbirds.

• Fantastic Scale Detail
• The only Mk24 Spitfire available in this size
• Ball Links on all controls
• Superior 550KV motor and 45A ESC
• 5 Blade Propeller
• Quality Construction & Finish
• Wide flight envelope, stable & predictable with excellent aerobatic precision
• Plug & Fly, simply add RX and Lipoly (not included) and fly!
• Split Flaps with slow servos for added realism and to help prevent ballooning
• Servoless Retracts with rubber tires & gear doors
• Navigation Lights
• Easy and Fast Construction
• Fast access Battery hatch
• Steerable Tail Wheel
• Forward raked landing gear to help prevent nose overs

Wingspan: 1100mm (43.3")
Length: 970mm
Flying Weight: 1450g (with battery)
Motor: 3536 550KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
ESC: Aerostar 45A w/BEC
Servos: 6 x 9g
Propeller: 5 Bladed 11"
Wing Area: 21.9dm2
Wing Loading: 54.5/dm2

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
2200mAh 4S Lipoly Battery


  • Tom_unsworth@hot[email protected] Club Members Posts: 4

    What are the main differences between the V1 and V2 Mk24?

  • DuraflyBrandManagerDuraflyBrandManager Club Members Posts: 4

    Hi Tom,
    We have updated the motor and esc combination to better suit the 5 bladed propeller, you can also use a 4S battery out of the box. It has ball linked control rods and a new paint scheme, The black and white stripes on the wing really stand out and give the pilot great orientation.
    We have kept the fuselage, wing, tail surfaces and detail parts the same this way you can interchange parts from the V1 to the V2.

    Thanks for your question!


  • Oscar MokOscar Mok Club Members Posts: 2

    Stephen, Thank you for the info. Will the 5-Blade Propeller/Spinner Set for Mk-24 Spitfire used in the Mk 24 v2? And if I want to fly 3S, which battery would you recommend and whether it needs extra weight on top? Thank you

  • 911grahamt@gmail[email protected] Club Members Posts: 3

    Hi I have the old model of this and have flown it to death and like it so much I have purchased a new body after a mishap and really impressed with the new part bu when it came to bolting on the wing I hit a small snag as in your upgrade you have moved the retaining plates deeper into the body making the original screw a little short.my problem is where do I get some that fit.i am only saying this to let people know they need longer screws if they are refurbishing their old models
    Regards graham

  • Oscar MokOscar Mok Club Members Posts: 2

    I am very disappointed with the quality of this plane. With HK emphasize the QC improvement, it seems it's not the case.
    While putting the plane together, I noticed the left flaps servo location and right flaps servo location is not even. This is a design issue and should be caught prior rolling out to production.

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