1/8 Basher BSR BZ-888 Racing Buggy

TozzeTozze Club Members Posts: 2

I have been running this great buggy for the last three years and are competing with all the more expansive brands with almost same lap times.
But lately I have seen that this car is not in stock any more. And some spare parts are are not either in stock any more. :(

Is this car going to be discontinued? Or is there a pro version or upgraded version in the works?

It would be very sadly if this great car with good potentials and with a good budget friendly price for newcomers, would disappear from the market.

Both cars is BZ-888. The green one has a serpent body on.


  • Nick_HKNick_HK Club Members Posts: 89 ✭✭

    Hate to say it but the BZ-888 has been discontinued for a few years now, we do continue to order spare parts though, so if there is anything you notice that isn't available send me a PM and I will look into it. I agree that this is a great handling buggy, I ditched my Caster in favour of this a long time ago.

    We are currently looking at some new options for a 1/8 buggy, one of which is kind of a pro version of the BZ-888, my main criteria is that it needs to be super robust but still handle like a top end race buggy, so keep an eye on the website later this year.

  • TozzeTozze Club Members Posts: 2
    edited March 2018

    I´m sorry to hear that the BZ-888 is discontinued. But also thrilled to hear that you are looking after a new updated/pro 1:8 scale buggy. I will keep my eyes on the website after my next 1:8 racing buggy. :)

    And I really hope that this car will have full stock on car and spare parts in EU warehouse.

  • L.E. MillerL.E. Miller Club Members Posts: 1

    I am saddened as well. I have 3 bz888 and love them. Infact I am trying to search for them now on the net to purchase. Plz bring it back.

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