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Tricopter with flight controller (RTH) (different brand modules)

ArcodavellaArcodavella Club Members Posts: 11

For a while i have been looking for inexpensive flight controller which works with tricopter. HobbyKing is putting misleading info on a few controllers like shark x6 which doesnt support tricopter -im in the process of returning it (only hexacopter Y6). ANyway the only flight controller is Vector which cost in Europe 230 £ and is much too much.
I have bought from HK micro Vector flight controller. There are no modules. Im gonna get one pdb for current sensor and i also have GPS Module with compass UbloxNEo-M8n (the one with 4 wires for ccd3) which cost around 35E on HK. I would like to connect this gps to micro Vector flight controller instead of buying the one from Vector (another 50E). Is anyone done this before? Is it possible? I know probably there will be firmware mismatch so probably needs some updates. Anyway is anyone tried this before? I have already purchased those items so please dont give suggestion that i can use something else. THANKS LADS


  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 374 admin
    edited March 2018

    As shown in the Fly Shark X6 manual it does support tri-copter.
    If you use the link on the product page.

    Link to online manual:

  • ArcodavellaArcodavella Club Members Posts: 11

    Thanks for the answer. NO IT DOESNT. ITS HEXACOPTER Y6. itS NOT TRICOPTER- tricopter has 3 motors, quadcopter-4, hexacopter 6 and etc....... Description on the HK website is incorrect and for this reason i returned the item.... PS> thats not really the answer for the question but thanks for the effort.....

  • HowerHower Club Members Posts: 1

    @ Arcodavella just wanted to correct your question including your answer. As posted on the image i see M1, M2, M3 (3pcs of motors) as far i know Y6 has (6pcs of motors) without the need for a yaw servo.. Since i'm not familiar with FlyShark X6 models modes, i can't proove or disagree with you..

    edited: Sry i find out you'r right the image posted shows Y6 copter configuration, ary again.. But the rest of the reply i leave intact..

    Since i like tricopters as former heli/schrauber fan i can recommend a suitable replacements in various price levels, but sometimes (varies with model) u have to flash it with propper firmware..

    As cheapest way to fly tri is atmel 328p based HK fly controllers (10-15€) but just with Murata piezo gyros, not including any aditional accelerometers, magnetometers, or baro sensors, nor GPS.. (it needs firmware update as it comes preconfigured for quad X type of copter, pretty unstable it drifts with wind, will not self level u have to correct it continuously)

    Little mote advanced way is to use Selflevel function in HK V2 control board (15-20€) with on field configuration, but it doesn't use any sensors neither, baro?..

    Next level is to use MultiWii V2 (10-25€) which are going slowly obsollete due to lack of proccessing power.. (Steep learning curve and the need to configure it via Arduino sw..)

    Naze32 (4.99 - 10.99€) is the the cheapest and far easiest way to configure any craft of yoir imagination (via Cleanflight, Baseflight sw.) u aren't restricted to any motor configuration, can be used on aiplanes, helicopters too, has plenty of sensors including acc. gyro, mag, baro, GPS addon port.. There are some limitations (F3 processor and GPS lack of power, no blackbox, no LED stripes with PPM rcvr) with little dive in the user manuals are available and u can set it up with just PC/notebook using GUI or CMD within hour.. (Quad X configuration out of the box, so u have to flash it again with tricopter firmware, stable as "water in the glass" and RTF out of the box, it has even OSD build in)..

    The most advanced are Ardupilot Mega, Nano, Mini (50-75€) and Pixhawk, HK Pilot 32 (75-150€ based on the set) units.. They are far more advanced than previously mentioned, but requiring programming skills.. Have plenty, or better all of the ports needed including Piezo buzzer, LED, PWM ports, AD in, DA outs, status LED, Piezo, Sonar, GPS and. and. and (As previous models of controllers they support any of the crafts imaginable including boats, rov's, vehicles and even submarines.. Have i forgot to mention even helicopters?)

    I prefere the Naze32 (4.99-10€) as cheap acro, horizon option and OpenPilot Revolution (56€) for advanced GPS, waypoint navigation.. The later has even telemetry module build in, consider to buy ground unit (25€) too.. U can connect your "UbloxNEo-M8n (the one with 4 wires for ccd3)" directly.

    Don't judge me for poor grammar and basic language knowledge and have fun..

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