Registering New Batteries

crash69ukcrash69uk Club Members Posts: 5

Hi there,
in the past when I purchased a New Battery if was very easy to register it, although to be honest, it's been a couple of years and I can't actually remember how it was done now??!!have Hobbyking changed the procedure or something???? how is it carried out now???


  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    @crash69uk Hi John, The battery register is no longer used. Just use the warranty returns process. It can be found at the bottom of the main page under Customer Service or at the following link

  • crash69ukcrash69uk Club Members Posts: 5

    thanks for the reply, however I have checked the link and there is NO mention of registering Batteries, I am NOT looking to Return a Duff battery that I have just purchased. I personally thought that the Register was a very good idea and a good way to stop people trying to abuse the system???!!!

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    @crash69uk Hi John, There is no plan to continue the old battery registration process. The warranty return process should handle any issues with faulty products.

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