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Hi HK and HK fans,

Can someone please do an in-depth review of the Mini Q Cartoon Car?

I'm looking for something for the kids (maybe myself as well)... so far I've got some Coke Can Cars we've been playing with (fun little things!) and next I'd like to get something that is tame enough to start off with, but has enough "depth" to carry us for some time.
I've watched videos and read some reviews for the older version of the Cartoon Car ('Cartoon QQ') and they were really not flattering. SinoHobby supposedly fixed those issues but there were no reviews of the updated version, and now I see this Mini Q Cartoon Car make an appearance on HK.
At $37 it seems like the obvious choice for the kids (there's also the WLTys 1/28s that HK has, or the WLToys 1/24s elsewhere but those don't have dual rates) , but the only info on the Cartoon Car is the product listing on HK ... no reviews, and that holiday video that HK did barely scratched the surface. I wanna see the guts of it and see it taken apart and all the usual stuff the real RC enthusiasts do in their car reviews.
Then I can be sure this is the car for me ...errr, I mean for my kids



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    Personally I love the Cartoon Cars, however they are top heavy and can be challenging to drive, but that is what I like about them. That being said they are super easy to work on and, as you have already mentioned, they have dual rate so you can slow them down (keeping in mind this also reduces the amount of steering). However, a great compromise is the Mini Q Kit Car it is the same car but with smaller wheels and a lower body which makes it very stable. The only downside I see with both of these cars is that they come with a hard ABS body which could break if you smash it into something solid, but there are polycarbonate bodies available that could be made to fit. FYI, there will be spare parts for both of these cars arriving soon. I wouldn't worry about the body too much though, we gave ours quite a work out when filming the video and it stood up to the punishment pretty well and if you did manage to break it they aren't hard to repair with a bit of CA glue and some tape.

    The WL Toys 989 Rally car on the other hand is fantastic fun, durable and handles incredibly well for something this scale, I am often annoying the others in the office racing ours around their desks. So far I haven't broken anything on it and have certainly given it a thorough bashing. The downside of this one is as you mention there is no dual rate and also it runs on LiPo which can be tricky with kids as they invariably will forget to turn it off and unplug the battery which will eventually kill the battery or pose a fire risk. Also, these things are surprisingly quick.

    If I were to choose it would depend on the age of the children, under 10 years old I would go with the Mini Q (running on AAA batteries is a huge advantage) older than 10 they will probably want the speed and handling of the 989 Rally Car.

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    Just to chime in... we were at the AMA Expo East last week with 16 of the cartoon cars and ran them on our track all day for 3 days straight. Kids of all ages LOVED them and they performed very well.

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    Thanks for the replies! Strangely, I never got any emails for your replies like other forums normally do by default, so I thought nobody replied until now.... Which resulted in me getting impatient, so I bought two WLToys A999s for my kids. But these Cartoon Cars are definitely on my list for the future when we want to take it to the next level. Also, by then there's gonna be in-depth reviews and spares available. I am sure your replies above will be useful for anyone else looking at these cars. Thanks again!

    (Just by the way, even though I'm not looking to get one, I thought you should know... The K989 shows as unavailable to ship to South Africa)

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