best fpv transmitters

hi all! i was just wondering what kind of fpv transmitters would be the best for long rang? and not to expensive if i can help it.



  • Gary49Gary49 Club Members Posts: 46 mod

    The power output you can legally use varies from country to country. Where will you be operating, what sort of distance do you want to go, bearing in mind that a lot of countries stipulate that an observer must be able to maintain sight of the model and what frequency would you prefer to operate on?

  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭

    FrSky have a long range TX module and RX combination. There are also satellite solutions using iPads or iPhones for controlling your aircraft. However your FPV video signal range is more likely to be the greatest limiting factor.
    As Gary49 said there are very few places you can fly beyond visible range these days anyway.

  • AbranAbran Club Members Posts: 52

    Micah and I fly together, he has 5.8ghz goggles and his radio range is limited to about 2kms. He currently uses a 600mw system with a whip antenna, but I have gone to 2.1kms with 600mw and clover leaf antennas.

    We are flying in Australia, right out in the middle of nowhere but I think the limit in Australia is 2000mW on 5.8ghz.

  • terencechanterencechan Club Members Posts: 3

    Yes 5.8g 600mw (TS5828/ TS5828S) are the best for 2S to 3S micro FPV setups, best to remove the heavy SMA plug and solder the clover directly to it to make it weigh 7grammes only.
    See 2:20 of video below.

    For 1S micro FPV setup, go for the All-in-one vtx-camera. Here is my setup on the 1S ultra-mini radian plane.

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