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Sopwith Camel 1520mm Laser Cut kit from HobbyKing.

Peter DiamondPeter Diamond Club Members Posts: 1

I wanted to say how much enjoyment I got out of building the Sopwith Camel laser cut kit.
Sure it has very poor instructions, and even worse pictures to work from, but there are forums with build logs and even step by step build logs. These are a must for inexperienced builders, but with just a small amount of common scene the plane comes together with a minimum of fuss.
Choosing a colour scheme for a WW1 plane is not very hard, but choosing one which is unusual and not the normal, was my plan.
I hope you enjoy building a Camel as much as i did. And i'm going to build a few more too.

I did come across one or two little issues, to do with lack of detail in the build instructions, but nothing that could not be remedied.


  • Hobbyking_IanHobbyking_Ian Club Members, Unconfirmed Posts: 160 mod

    Have you got some photos to show us?

  • Lars TepperLars Tepper Club Members Posts: 1

    My Part E18 of the top wing does not fit ! Do you had the same problem?

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