Mini Fabrikator 2WIFI issues

xx2uxxxx2uxx Club Members Posts: 3

How do I get the WIFI to work. Malyan Says printer not connected to USB. I can connect with Repetier and the printer shows up in device manager. I tried on two windows 10 machines and one old XP machine and all three say Printer is not connected to usb. I tried several cables. How do I get this to work?


  • Nick_HKNick_HK Club Members Posts: 89 ✭✭

    I have never had this issue so I am running blind, but have you tried changing USB ports? It could be that you are using a USB 3 port which could cause an issue, I have only ever used a USB 3 port, it is unlikely that this is the problem, but worth trying. Also, are you following the instructions exactly? It sounds silly, but the WiFi set up on this printer is very particular and if you get any part wrong it won't work.

    If none of this works then please contact Customer Service and have a chat with one of the 3D printing specialists. It could be that you have a faulty board, although if it is being recognised in Device Manager this would seem unlikely.

    If you get nowhere with any of the above send me a message in Talk to Nick.

  • Tom MccluskieTom Mccluskie Club Members Posts: 1

    I have this very same issue - tried swapping usb sockets and cables still no resolve _ tried it with windows 7 and XP

  • Marcel ButhMarcel Buth Club Members Posts: 1

    I have received my Fabrikator mini some months ago, just got the time to set it up, but I ran into problems as Windows does not detect him. Also there was no SD card included in my gift box, so I don´t have the drivers. Where can I get the drivers and what should I do about the USB problem? I have tried a PC and a notebook (which has been used to 3D print using Repetier host). I have tried switching USB ports. I also installed the FTDI driver from . It all did not help. Printer goes on for a few seconds the blue LED lights up, then nothing. If I keep the Button pressed the red LED flashes 3 times. Any help?

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