turnigy 9x v2 low battery idicator incorrect ?

joe p.joe p. Club Members Posts: 1

turnigy 9x v2 tx... all was working great ... until ?

I started using it with a mic. cable from trainer port on tx to line in on pc...using it with a flight sim to do more heli practice....

Now , after a few days of use and out of the blue I get a battery voltage reading on the tx as 1.2v but I know the battery is 11.1 ( tested before inserting into case )

The beep horn I desoldered for now but any thoughts on why the indicated voltage is so far off ? has anyone heard of this with this tx before ?

thanks in advance



  • Wayne WilsonWayne Wilson Club Members Posts: 2

    Does anyone know how to bind a new module to the Turnigy 9x transmitter?

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