Zippy Flighmax 3 cell, 2500 Mah, 11.1 volt lipo in a Futaba T7C Transmitter rated for 9.6 volts

John HofbauerJohn Hofbauer Club Members Posts: 1

Is this lipo which when fully charged is around 12.6 volts too much voltage for my Futaba T7C transmitter which is rated for a 9.6 volt Ni-cad battery pack? Wonder if it will damage the voltage regulator circuit in the transmitter? Can I use it safely with just a partial charge at 3.7 volts per cell giving me 11.1 volts to the transmitter?



  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭

    3S is fine in a Futaba. I have been using the Turnigy 3S pack with built-in overcharge and discharge protection, that was designed for the 9XR transmitter, in my two Futaba 6-EX transmitters for 5 years. I wish they would provide the protection in otherTX batteries as it saves the day when bench testing and you go to bed forgetting to turn off the TX. You just have to be aware of the cut-off point and not let the battery go anywhere near that voltage level while at flying field.

  • Hobbyking_IanHobbyking_Ian Club Members, Unconfirmed Posts: 160 ✭✭

    I wonder why John rejected your answer Sooty. You are of course absolutely correct.

    NiMh battery pack is 9.6v because each cell is only 1.2v where as an alkaline AA is 1.65

    NiMh 8 cells = 9.6v
    Alk AA 8 Cell = 13.20v

    So a fully charged 3s at 12.6 is quite usable.

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