I need to know how I set up a camera for the Brushmule RC electric plane,

I need suggestions on what to purchase to make this plane a first view plane that I control and fly thru a live view camera , I am old school which I no is nothing now days, I would like to set up a inexpensive system to see what the plane see's while flying so i can control its flight from the googles, I am old school and learned how to fly thru the Game side and could land and take off over 100 different planes and could do this when I purchased the flight sem from here and it was just the same as video game flying. (VERY NEW TO THE RC SIDE ) I have a Mig rc that has a system in it that is live view and it really does not explain what is there to make it live view, Got a ticket warning for flyin 7 foot off the road and clocked at 69 miles per hour by a local cop. It was set up by the planes manufacturer with a cheap pair of virtual glasses that were for a drone to let you see live view.
The Brushmule
Avios BushMule 1500mm (59") (Yellow/Grey) (PnF)
Avios BushMule 1500mm (59") (Yellow/Grey) (PnF)
And yes I am a gunshop look it up under LittleBearGuns

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