Avios Grand tundra

FelltonFellton Club Members Posts: 17

Can you give me the release date on the Grand Tundra please?
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  • wldecker77wldecker77 Club Members Posts: 40

    I check the new items page,forum and FB every 3 hours...I've been doing this for a year now!

  • John Edmiston John Edmiston Club Members Posts: 1

    Why have you been advertising it for months in Model Avation if you don’t have it in stock?

  • ditchitditchit Club Members Posts: 95 ✭✭

    Very excited about this one. Had sooo much fun with the original Tundra 2 years back. Could take so much abuse. Super-sizing it was a very smart idea.

  • wldecker77wldecker77 Club Members Posts: 40

    Why isn't it on Pre-sale already?

  • AbranAbran Club Members Posts: 52

    Cos it ain't ready! If HK is taking their time to release it lets hope its a good one when it comes. Maybe they are working out bugs.

  • wldecker77wldecker77 Club Members Posts: 40

    Yep, lots of bugs!

  • roger kleinroger klein Club Members Posts: 2

    Es war ein schoener Traum , doch die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt !

  • guery patrickguery patrick Club Members Posts: 4

    je verifie tous les jours la mise en stock en europe , j ai deja le tundra en 1m30 super machine

  • wldecker77wldecker77 Club Members Posts: 40

    Seven weeks now since pre-order...guys on the RC Groups forum are tired of waiting, considering asking for refunds. Any information might help avoid a mutiny!

  • wldecker77wldecker77 Club Members Posts: 40

    nevermind now, the GT has landed!

  • Joseph DeJohnJoseph DeJohn Club Members Posts: 1

    where do you plug the lights in on the grand tundra

  • HobbyKing_SupportHobbyKing_Support HobbyKing Support Posts: 544 ✭✭✭

    You plug lights into any spare RX channel or you can "Y" them in with other channels.

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