What is the ideal heat to run your 3D printer bed on?

Joshua DoobayJoshua Doobay Club Members Posts: 6

What is the ideal heat to run your 3D printer bed on?


  • AirgraphixAirgraphix NW IrelandClub Members Posts: 180 ✭✭

    That question depends on the material you are printing, abs could be anything from 90-120 not normally needed for pla but about 60deg helps material stick better

  • Lee Van CliffLee Van Cliff Club Members Posts: 2

    The lowest temp that'll work. Heat tends to make plastic contract. An overly hot bed can cause curling.

  • peter.stegemannpeter.stegemann Club Members Posts: 3

    A too cool bed will also cause curling. For ABS, I'm currently having best success with 90 degree + brim. 90 degree is the maximum I can reasonably my run my Malyan 150 with, as it is an open construction and will loose heat too fast. I even run up the heating in the room to compensate for that... With PLA, I've made good experience with starting the print at 90 degrees and then let it sag down to 60 degrees. I'm printing mostly ESUN and HobbyKing.

  • Nick_HKNick_HK Club Members Posts: 89 ✭✭

    The temp you set your bed at will vary depending on a number of different factors:
    1. What machine you using
    2. What filament you are using
    3. What the ambient temperature is in the area you are using the printer
    4. If there is any cross breeze in the area
    5. The type of bed surface you are using
    6. Whether or not you are using a raft or a brim

    All of these factors will have an effect on the surface bonding of your print. So it is a process of elimination to determine what the ideal settings for your printer and filament are. However, you should start with the recommended settings from you machine instructions and the filament guides. These will usually give you a range of temps, take the middle of the range and start there. If I am trying out a new filament or printer I usually start with a simple thin square or disc to see how it bonds to the surface and then see what temp gives me the best result while trying to keep the temperature as low as possible, everyone has their own methods but that's the way I do it.

  • Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25

    I have only printed PLA, and always used 60 degrees centigrade for the bed temperature. I use hairspray as a glue before starting to print, printing on a glass sheet.

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