Aerial view of our airfield Hedlanda

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Some aerial photos of our airport Hedland that we can spend just as much time as we want. One fantastic field with plenty of space, electricity, toilets, seating areas with tables and a small cafeteria. Just wanted to make a small movie that shows fields from the air, so you can see how large an area we have. Movie are filmed with a Runcam2 camera mounted on a Durafly Tundra. Would also like to especially thank Ragnar Dillner that allows us to use this field as we would like and for the help and supports he give us, so a BIG Thank You Ragnar.

Hope you like the video.


Bjarne Kvilvang

Flying electric and metanol planes and has been flying sens early 80's

Currently do I have about 20 planes in the hangar, wingspan from 50cm to 250cm.


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