charge muliple 1s packs on balance port W/imax b6

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Hello all,

First post here. I have an IMAX B6 Mini and I want to charge three 1S 500 mAH 25c packs in parallel through the balance port. I have a three pack connector for this. I cannot seem to find a setting on the charger which will work. the packs have two wires with a mini white connector.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • SawdustSawdust Club Members Posts: 6,763 ✭✭✭
    "port. I have a three pack connector for this."

    There's no reason to use the balance port with 1S packs at all. Just connect to the main power output port on the charger. I don't trust parallel charging but if you must, that's all you need to do.
  • __Evan__Evan Club Members Posts: 1,122
    I agree with Sawdust with regards to parallel charging; it's not generally a good option.

    With that said, no matter how you charge, you'll need to hook up the main terminals. Very few hobby chargers are able to charge through the balance connectors alone. For 1S in parallel there's no need to hook up the balance connectors at all, since even a standard charge (not balance charge) will do what you require.
  • superchiknsuperchikn Club Members Posts: 4
    HMMM, When I bought the extra packs I also bought a harness (separately) with a 3s balance plug on one end and three mini white connector on the other end for this purpose. So maybe this will not work on my charger?

    BTW What is the name of the flat white mini connector as used in the Hubsan x4 107C quad copter? I have not seen parallel boards that I can be sure have the same connector, if I have to go that route.
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    Sounds more like you bought a board for "series" charging 3 1S packs. I don't see any major problems with series charging like that except that normally your batteries would need to have separate main power wires that you could connect in series to the main power connectors on the charger. It may be feasible to connect the main power wires to the black first wire in the 3S lead to the black negative power supply wire and the red positive to the last wire in the leads going to the 3S connector then set your charger to 3S balance charge. Do NOT charge at any sort of high amps. The usual 1C charging (500ma) should be fine though.
  • airwaveairwave Club Members Posts: 3,563
    the type he could use would be THIS

    i have used on the 150MA single cell.the board fix the current to 200MA.

    it would charge all three.worked good enough.but out of the 3 i got ~4 years ago from here one works now.for the price of a buger who could raise a fuss. image airwave2016-09-12 19:28:36
  • superchiknsuperchikn Club Members Posts: 4
    This    Is What I have no Board.superchikn2016-09-11 07:38:42
  • __Evan__Evan Club Members Posts: 1,122
    Yep, that's a 3S series charging adaptor. It's designed for the really cheap chargers that do all their charging through the balance port.

    To use it with a higher-end charger, you'll need to install an extra plug for the main power ports. The positive wire from the new plug goes to the bottom wire in the picture you've linked (ie the "lone" red one) and the negative wire goes to the top wire in the picture you've linked (the "lone" black one).
  • superchiknsuperchikn Club Members Posts: 4
    Ok so I tie into the lone red and black wires or pull those wires from the balance connector and connect?
  • __Evan__Evan Club Members Posts: 1,122
    Tie into them. They need to stay connected to the balance connector too.

    With that said, it might be better to just charge the cells individually. Series charging is safe (unlike parallel charging), but as soon as one cell is almost full the charger greatly decreases the charge current to prevent over-charging.

    In a 3S pack this doesn't matter because all the cells have been discharged the same amount, so they all hit the "almost full" (constant-voltage) point at much the same time. For three individual cells that have all been used a different amount, you'll often find that charging can be very slow.

    A closely related issue is that a series charging adaptor needs all cells connected. If you only use two cells, you can't charge them without having the third one connected. Since the third one hasn't been used, it hits full-charge immediately and (as above) the charge current drops to compensate.

    Since you can get 1S USB chargers on eBay for under $1 including shipping, I'd be inclined to just grab three of those and swap the plugs (you can take the plugs of the series charging adaptor that you've got). That way you can put each battery on to charge as soon as you run it flat (no need to wait until all three are ready) and they'll all charge at full speed.
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    Parallel charging ... I bought a box of bits a couple of months ago, and in it was a para board with XT-60 connectors. No name, no fancy case just a bare board with a bit of sponge on the bottom to protect the component tails.

    Now in the past with a decent board I bought, I had very poor results, even with previously balanced packs ending up all over the place. So I stopped using it.

    Seeing as this one looked rubbish, I gave it a try with three 6S 1500mAh nanotechs I use. And would you believe it, they all charged perfectly balanced. So now, I dunno!

    I will have to do some serious comparisons of the two boards and nail why one works, and the other does not. Somewhere the 'quality' board has an issue ...
  • airwaveairwave Club Members Posts: 3,563
    the trouble I would run into with the cheep charger was it could put out 800ma charge rate for each cell,thus the board was needed.that would be ~5x charge rate.I don't think they would last long with that.go for the $1 charger and use it,some of the new USB can still give a very high rate to was 500MA at one time but I think all that has changed now??
  • Rescue_RichRescue_Rich Club Members Posts: 17

    Just use the main charge port with a banana adapter and times the number of mAh by the by the number of batteries.
    ex. If you were charging 3 600mAh 1S you would set the charger to 1.8A 600x3=18 or 1.8A
    You must use the main port not the balance ports.

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