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Throttle range calibration

kaziupirkaziupir Club Members Posts: 2
Hi. I'm using SK3 - 6374-192kv motor, Hifei 160A-KII-12s ESC, FlySky FS-GT2G transmitter with 3channel receiver, 2x 5s lipo in series.

I can't calibrate esc to stop the motor when transmitter is in neutral position. It's more complicated, so I recorded the video. The neutral position is going further everytime I push trigger forward and stops when reaching the limit.


I have tried after 1 beep,2 beeps etc. and still the same.

There are my esc settings


So what am I doing wrong? image Hope that I'm doing something wrong, because spent already all my money on this.


I found almost solution. If i trim throttle to the bottom on transmitter it's braking on trigger neutral position, works fine when pulling, but still keep messing neutral position when I push trigger forward.


Now I think there's nothing wrong, that esc just sucks. If i can calibrate only 2 states of throttle(full throttle and brake) it can't assume where is third state(no power) right? So edit#1 solution is the only one probably. kaziupir2016-08-19 03:40:10


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭
    It is NOT a car type ESC! That one is for EDF, Fixed Wing and Helicopters!

    It is NOT for cars as it has no 'reverse' capability and has no way of understanding the forwards/stop/reverse signals being sent to it from your transmitter via the receiver.

    You bought the wrong type of ESC.WTWUK2016-08-19 04:31:05
  • kaziupirkaziupir Club Members Posts: 2
    Now I understand. Thank you. BTW it's impossible to get 10s, >80A car ESC :( So I have to turn off the esc brake and do some manual brake system image

    Ah. I forgot to mention. It's for electric skateboard. kaziupir2016-08-19 05:52:07

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