K22 board Issue

BodeanBodean Club Members Posts: 10
I just finished setting up my third kk2.1.5, this one is a mini. I have a arming issue and I will try to explain. When I power up the quad I have to arm the board before I touch any control sticks on the radio, or it will fail to arm. I can't rearm the quad after flight with out powering down the board. So it will rearm only if I do not touch the sticks, and I can arm and rearm over and over as long as I don't touch the sticks for any other movements. I have tried my radio settings on anther kk2 board and it arms fine, so its not the radio. So I'm stumped, anyone have a idea? image Bodean2016-08-15 05:50:24


  • BodeanBodean Club Members Posts: 10
    I found out what the problem was, and I feel a little silly. I setup this KK2 on a tilt rotor, I set the elevator directly from the receiver to the servo bypassing the board. The board was in error because of no signal from receiver. So it would fly just fine, just would not rearm. image

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