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Will the Turnigy DSSS module work with a FlySky R6

larskslarsks Club Members Posts: 1
I am trying to locate some receivers that will work *both* with the Turnigy DSSS module ( ... tion_.html) and with a standalone transmitter like the FlySky CT6B ( It's surprisingly hard to find any authoritative information regarding transmitter compatibility for the Turnigy module.

The product listing for the DSSS module says "Suggested receiver: FS-R9A", which looks like a FlySky part number but doesn't appear to exist (anymore?). There is a FlySky R9B receiver (http://www.*******.com/FlySky-RC-FS-R9 ... 41157.html), but it's not clear whether those receivers would bind successfully with a CT6B transmitter. The CT6B itself ships with the FS-R6B transmitter.

Has anyone hear successfully used the DSSS module FS-R6B receiver? The FS-R9B? Will the CT6B transmitter work with the R9B receiver?

Thanks for your help! I've tried contacting FlySky with the question, but given my past experience with other electronics manufacturers I'm not holding my breath for an answer.

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