genesis fatshark goggles by turnigy

tommy2toestommy2toes usa iowaClub Members Posts: 41
so i had already ordered a new set of goggles when a friend told me to go have a look at these. so i did and immediately i went back and cancelled the order for the other set. now i just need to know how long is it going to be for these to come to us? i have asked in support but i haven't even gotten a reply. i desperately need these as i recently got new glasses , i have never needed them but somehow now i do. i could not begin to tell you everything i have been missing! wow life is crisp and clear now not fuzzy like i thought. fatsharks don't do it for me i need to wear my glasses if i can or have a adjustable focus. has anyone heard a day these will post? i asked to buy early id be willing to pay upfront, no response. any info would be nice as to how long. if it will be more than 30 days id rather get v2 pro set until they come in. but if they are coming sooner i'd rather wait and save my cash. so i was picked up by venom this year to race drones for them but my game is hurting until i get the set of goggles i need. :( anyone else as pumped as i am i need to fly! lol


  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    I'm REALLY happy with my Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 Pro that I got when they were on sale for 37 bucks. If these are better then they look to be a really good set. I kind of HATE "goggles" as they always fog up on me and give me a really limited field of vision. the v2's smoke my original v1's in both picture quality and FOV so these turnigys look pretty interesting.TheQuestor2016-07-26 12:22:34
  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    The OP should be able to buy some cheap specs in the power he requires and cut the lenses to suit his goggles. I agree the fatsharks are very tunnel vision and bloody poor quality for the money paid. With the Quanum it should be very easy to retrofit any screen of a quality that one can afford.Sooty2016-07-26 15:59:44

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