Telemitry Sensor Vs Current Drain?

hoveringalhoveringal Club Members Posts: 8
Greetings - I am using the R920X Orange receiver with my DX9 transmitter and so far everything is fine. I want to add the external telemetry sensor for main battery temp and 6s voltage. The telemetry sensor plugs into the "balancing" plug to detect voltage. Can this be left plugged in even when not in use and not cause a draw on the battery? I'd like to avoid removing the canopy after each flight if possible.. Thanks for your advice.


  • PowernumptyPowernumpty Club Members Posts: 17
    Voltage sensing requires virtualy no current so that side should be fine, thermocouples again are low current but that will (I assume) be powered from your telemetry module and the receiver, even if you leave it powered it is unlikely to cause any drain than can be detected.

    If you said you were going to leave them plugged in for a month then I'd say pop the canopy but a day's use, no.
  • hoveringalhoveringal Club Members Posts: 8
    OK - sounds fair enough.. Thanks for the reply and advice..

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