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Hi all,

So I've been having a look around HK for quite a lot of stuff recently, one thing I've been wanting to do is make a custom gearbox (or find one but I can't seem to find any gearboxes without motors for sale here). I found the gears HK sells under gearboxes and parts but was wondering what axles/bearings I'd need to use them to make my own gearbox. If anyone could help with that it would be great.

Also a little side question, I'm looking for a 300 watt motor and am deciding between these two:

I'm looking for torque rather than speed so the first one seems to be a better choice, but it's described as 300 watts surge. Does that mean it can't sustain 300 watts? I'm having a bit of difficulty finding motors since they're all listed with different sorts of ratings like surge, continuous etc and sometimes the numbers do or don't add up (i.e. sometimes volts*amps given equals the watts given, sometimes it's less, sometimes it's more)

Thank you


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    the bigger the Outside Diameter the bigger mechanical advantage for torque so go with the next step up in wattage keeping the 48mm od of the First motor.. yes surge.. peak load.. etc all mean only a few seconds at max watt b4 overheat death... cooling is the key. in a static setup u need a fan on motor to get max watt even for a short time. Hope This Helps HTH
  • TrakyanTrakyan Club Members Posts: 2
    Thank you! That's exactly the answer I needed, so how do I find the continuous watt rating for the motors? I found a couple of others (same model/size but different watts/KV) but they're all rated to surge. I'm looking for 300 watts continuous due to restrictions (300 is max allowed).


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