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Motor / Prop matching on a F450

jkosmidesjkosmides Club Members Posts: 10
As luck would have it, I finished my F450 project with a NAZE32 and Turnigy D2822/17 1100KV motors, had everything I needed for my first flight... except for one thing - propellers!!! I was obviously pretty desperate to try it out so I put on the only spare props I had which were 6040 size. The poor thing spun up to full speed but could not lift off. I even swapped the 2200 mAh battery for the 1300 mAh off my HK250 to lighten the load but still, no lift off. That is sad!

I'm still learning and now I realize that the motors I put on recommend 7040 props which sounds pretty undersized to me. But they are supposed to give 500g thrust each and for a 920 g model, I should be fine, if only I had 'em.

Well, to get around to my point, some 1045's arrived in the mail today (cause I'm still learning) and I put them on. Way to big but I wanted to see the baby fly. Flew beautifully and gently for a minute, landed and felt the motors... ouch. Definitely pulling to much power so I won't do that again but glad I saw her get up.

Anyway, here's the question in case you're still with me. Do you think bumping up one prop size higher than manufacturer recommended, from a 7040 to a 8040, would be a problem and strain my motors? Or do I need to pony up for 4 proper motors?

I have 20A ESC's so they will hold up, and those 7 inch props on my nice F450 just look pretty minuscule. Yea, I've got prop envy!!!


  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    8040s or 8045s should do the trick for you.

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