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TGY-i6 any plans to add sbus support

Paul80Paul80 Club Members Posts: 161
Hi all

Anyone know if there are any plans to add sbus support to the TGY-i6 transmitter, like they just did with the TGY-i10.

I have both but for some bizarre reason prefer to use the i6 so it would be nice if sbus was on the agenda for that model as well.

Any one in the know on this.




  • WTWUKWTWUK ✭✭✭ CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,509 ✭✭✭
    'True' SBus is receiver and connected devices dependent - as in the RX has to be SBus capable, and any servos etc. also need to be SBus capable as they need to have a device ID number programmed into them. The transmitter has no part in that, unless it is like some Futaba units that can do the device programming. If not, you need an SBus programming box.

    You could look at the various PWM to SBus converters out there though if you feel the need to go down the SBus route.

    Edit!!! Durrrr!!! You may find that SBus does output from the iBus ports on your RX's - both 6 and 10 channel ones. But you will be needing Sbus capable servos and a programming box etc. still.WTWUK2016-07-03 17:49:08

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