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Balance Charging 4010 DUO

stevee7270stevee7270 Geraldton WAClub Members Posts: 7

I am fairly new to this stuff and need some advice.

I have purchase a 4010 Duo icharger

and six, six cell 12000mha lipos

I want to balance charge 3 batteries on channel 1 and 3 batteries on channel 2 at max charge rate 1C 36Amps per channel.

I have 4 power supplies in series to provide 2300 Watts.

Question is what gauge wire do I need?

Can these parra boards HK sell do this and handle the charge without frying them?



  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    Only charge one battery per charger channel at a time or you will turn your expensive rechargeable batteries into very expensive disposable batteries.

    Parallel charging boards are a no-no and just a means of increasing battery sales.

    And take care that there is no "common" connection between each battery/channel as per warning diagram in instruction manual for that charger.Sooty2016-06-24 16:55:18
  • __Evan__Evan Club Members Posts: 1,122
    As Sooty has said, this is probably not a good idea. Parallel charging is just asking for trouble.

    Have you actually tried your four power supplies in series? Most power supplies have their ground connected to earth; if you connect them in series then you've short-circuited the outputs from the bottom three. Since these are presumably pretty hefty power supplies (with close to 50A available on the 12V rail of each one) the result could be spectacular.

    To answer your question: for balancing you can probably get away with thin wire. The JST-XH connectors are only rated for 3A, so there's no point having hevay-duty wire on there. If I remember correctly you can get 18AWG into a JST-XH, so I'd use that. For the main power wires, you want minimum resistance, so I'd go for 12WAG or 10AWG.

    The parallel charging board will probably handle the balance connectors, but not the main power connectors. Better to just build your own (with fuses all over the place) if you continue with this plan.__Evan2016-06-25 10:13:20
  • Thomas HeffelThomas Heffel Club Members Posts: 3

    I fly 700 size RC helis and have been parallel charging for years and never had an issue. I agree with what was said about the parallel boards not being good. The traces on the boards do not handle the high amps well. I do not use boards but the parallel charge leads and balance leads work fine. The main thing with parallel charging is the batteries need to be within 10% charge level of each other when connecting them as the higher battery will discharge into the lower battery at a fast rate until they equalize to each other. In other words do not take a battery at 60% charge and connect it to one that is at 30%. But if done correctly parallel charging is very safe.

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