Tgy-iA6 Rx will not bind to Tgy-i10 Tx

DrivingcornetmanDrivingcornetman Club Members Posts: 2
Hi All,

Having big problems trying to bind a TGY-A6 receiver to a TGY-i10 transmitter.

I have got two receivers so the chance of them both being duff are very slight i would say.

Have looked at Youtube videos and tried every way possible but still no joy.

Any further ideas would be very welcome as i am getting very frustrated as to what is causing the problem.

thanks in advance.


  • Paul80Paul80 Club Members Posts: 161

    I only have one iA6 receiver, all my others are iA6B versions

    They all bind to my i10 Tx the same way without any issues, including the iA6

    Process is the same

    Put binding plug on B/VCC pins

    Connect power to any of the other pins

    LED will flash quickly

    Turn on i10 move to the third page and select receiver setup

    Then select bind receiver, and once bound receiver LED will flash slower, remove bind plug and LED will go solid on, indicating a successful bind and connection.

    Is that how you are doing it.Paul802016-06-15 01:43:19
  • DrivingcornetmanDrivingcornetman Club Members Posts: 2
    Hi there,

    Thanks for the information.Ive tried everyway i can think of including the way you suggested,my brother who has a lot more experience than me has also tried but no luck.Ive got the latest firmware on my Tx dont know if thats anything to do wit it.Im not on my own by looking on the net.Ive decided to return the receivers and try maybe the 10 channel receivers.its very annoying to say the least.
  • Paul80Paul80 Club Members Posts: 161
    Mine has Firmware v1.0.7.0, the latest firmware available v1.0.8.0 is giving some users a lot of issues with the iA6B so might also have issues with the iA6

    I did update mine but quickly went back to the older version as soon as these reports came out

    if your i10 is running the newer firmware it might be worth downgrading to the older one and give it a try.

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