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Is it possible to trim level or stop flight angle?

WeanutsWeanuts Club Members Posts: 27
KK2.1.5 Fc with Turnigy TX and ERSKY9X. Can the system be adjusted to level flight or stop the flight path after centering controls? My Quad will continue on in the same direction unless I counter flight path with a stick.



  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    All trimming must be done in the KK2 FC menu with TX sticks centered and TX trims set to zero. If you follow the instructions step by step you will come across that part of the setup.

    Get it nice and stable with auto-level off and it will be a breeze to fly with auto level on. There is a trick to auto level - use a bubble level to set it up perfectly.
  • WeanutsWeanuts Club Members Posts: 27
    Probably did not word it properly to start with. Self level is off. Quad will ascend to a nice level flight with throttle up only, and will maintain this flight until I operate stick for ail or ele. If I use either movement of this stick the craft will start to fly that way. Upon releasing the stick, the flight continues that way. What I would like if possible is halt that movement by releasing the stick. My yaw works well and stops upon releasing the stick.

    thank you for responding.
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭
    Self level will do that to certain degree, but not as evident as with yaw as that works differently. Once trimmed properly, a KK can be quite stable, but will always be needing control inputs to remain still. WTWUK2016-05-20 15:12:22

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