Turnigy 9xr Pro telemetry?



  • sibluessiblues New JerseyClub Members Posts: 23
    How about batteries it seems like some people try to get as big a battery as

    physically possible but I am under the impression that at a certain point the

    weight outweighs the gain in flight times.Hobbywing huh I might have to look

    around for those.I have been told the Taranis is the way to go but its a bit

    pricey for me right now I may have to crunch the numbers and see if I splurge

    and get the combo with everything included.Peer pressure is a terrible thing
  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    wow. I paid like 48 bucks each for 3 2 packs. But even so, so worth it :)
  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    Batteries are the one thing that pretty much everyone differs on lol.

    There is a diminishing return but it also depends on "how" you intend to fly. If you're just going to hover all day then a lower C rating is not so bad but on a medium sized quad you could go 3000mAh with a good C rating and be fine with these motors and the 12" props and get about 12-15[ish] minutes flight time but if you balls to the walls fly then you can expect about 8-10 with a high C rating battery. If you bump it up to a 4000mAh then you will add about 3 or 4 minutes of normal flying and 2 or 3 minutes of hard flying. Going up to a 5000mAh you would add about 6 or 7 of easy flying and about 5 of hard flying.

    Weight is linear but flight time is not :(

    I run dual 5000mAh on my T960 and easy flying I get about 18 minutes :(

    Running dual 2200mAh I get "maybe" 6 just hovering.
  • sibluessiblues New JerseyClub Members Posts: 23
    I don't see the 30a ones listed and Questor you are talking about the last link I

    posted right?I am also looking at picking up a bec and power distribution

    board.The pixhawk discussion on wiring it up is nuts I am just going to follow

    the diagram and pick up both and wire it up the same exact way the have it

    drawn out.The ESC's are an opto and non opto they are a bit too confusing for

    the average Joe in there.

    siblues2016-05-09 20:19:05
  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    they are Xrotor 40A pros and more than what you need on the quad. Grab 5 or 6 of the HK F30A and you are good to go :) Not to mention 1/2 the price :) I still have a set of the F30A from almost 4 years ago that are still flying strong.

    I normally get my Power Modules from Ebay and like most everything I get from ebay I tend to buy more than one "just in case" and since they are like 10 bucks it is worth it to grab 2 or 3.

    Very "few" opto ESCS are actually opto, the hobby level ESCs that say opto just means then do not have an ubec on them and if you get the F30A make sure you do not run the red wires from the ESCS to the Hawk, you can use them to power everything else though like gimbals, 5v cameras, etc.

    You will need a decent power distribution board, a decent anti-vibration mount, you don't need a ubec unless you get opto escs as they [the F30A] have ubecs on them you can use.

    now back to soldering the last 18 bullet connectors.

    TheQuestor2016-05-09 20:39:03
  • sibluessiblues New JerseyClub Members Posts: 23
    Yeah they are a bit cheaper on here but I have heard that the shipping costs on

    HK are scary.I still have to make up my mind on a battery and some other odds

    and ends and if I can get them from one place along with the esc's than that

    will help with shipping.Ohhh and what's the deal with the SimonK esc's everyone

    is raving about they are pretty cheap too.Here is a link to a battery I am

    thinking about.


    I think the 5000 range is a bit big and here is the charger the previously

    posted one was incorrect her is the right onehttp://www.duratrax.com/chargers/onyx/dtxp4245.htmlsiblues2016-05-10 19:41:07
  • sibluessiblues New JerseyClub Members Posts: 23
    Well the esc's are on there way.Now My mailman is going to hate me this week lol.

    I'd like thank you guys for all the help I know I can be a pain.

    What do you guys think about the battery and charger I posted f I am way off

    Just let me know.I also need that Turnigy 9XR so Iwill order the radio DJT and

    charger from HK hopefully they don't kill me on shipping and handling.I am

    really close to the east coast wharehouse.Maybe 2 hour drive so it shouldn't be

    that bad.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,610 ✭✭✭
    The best bit of advice I can give you - or anyone in fact - about buying a new transmitter is this:

    Make every effort to get a Taranis. For the money, there is nothing on the planet to touch it. You will never outgrow it.
  • sibluessiblues New JerseyClub Members Posts: 23
    I know I have been looking and staring at it but I just can't fork over another

    250 for the Taranis and tx right now and even if I do outgrow the 9xr it will

    be a while before that happens.I have gone a little over budget at the moment

    but I started this mission and now I have to finish it.

    I mislinked the wrong charger above I had another one in mind so he link was

    corrected let me know what you think.Its a dual charger so it will help when I

    a few more batteries.What would you suggst for battery size?siblues2016-05-10 19:50:03
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,610 ✭✭✭
    I would not even give that charger desk space. It is VERY limited as it can only charge up to 3S battery packs.

    Strongly suggest you go for the Turnigy Accucell 6 or an iMax B6.

    Way better options with them up to 6S packs.
  • sibluessiblues New JerseyClub Members Posts: 23
    Wow I didn't even notice this page was even here I was also looking at the

    charger I posted below but if you think either of the two you mentioned are

    better then that then that would help in my Taranis fund lol.


    Here are a few of the batteries I like                                         http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__21422__ZIPPY_Compact_4500mAh_4S_35C_Lipo_Pack.html


    http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16494__ZIPPY_Flightmax_4500mAh_4S1P_45C.htmlsiblues2016-05-11 03:23:29
  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    Yup that charger sucks balls :( And 9xR vs Taranis. My big issue with the 9xr is not so much the software as it is the ergonomics of it. I HATE holding that radio. I don't have small hands but the switches and everything makes me take my fingers off the pots sometimes to use them and I hate that. Unless you have shrek hands it just is not a comfortable radio to use. :(

    That vemon is pretty decent though :) BIG but decent.

    I just use a couple thunder AC6's which are pretty much the same as the ones WTWUK suggested. Slow but work great. TheQuestor2016-05-11 04:53:12
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,610 ✭✭✭
    Agreed with TheQuestor on the 9XR ergonomics. It is impossible for me to reach the rear shoulder toggle switches and keep a thumb on the sticks. Not good. But, the mainboard in it is brilliant.

    Designed by 'SkyNorth' in Canada, it is in essence the ErSky9X Rev.3 board, and that means power!

    Venom charger = fine. But, I would still go down the Accucell/iMax route.
  • sibluessiblues New JerseyClub Members Posts: 23
    Ok well I will pick up an Imax then and save a few bucks I just figured the

    ability to charge two batteries at the same time would come in handy.

    I am going to get the taranis.I heard back from Aloft so they get my business

    I may have to wait a couple of days but thats cool since I have some building

    to do.I also would like to ask they offer a combo with that Taranis where it

    comes with a receiver.I can't remember if the one supplies in the combo is

    telemetry capable.
  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    You can always get 2 chargers for less than the 1 venom lol and they plug into 110 instead of needing a separate power supply. That said, and the reason I said they are slow, is because they max out at 5amp [usually more like 3.5amp] which takes a LONG time to charge larger batteries. And since I "rarely" just charge and normally use "Balance" mode it takes MUCH longer to charge large batteries. well over 2 hours on my 5000mAh bricks. They store them pretty quickly though.
  • sibluessiblues New JerseyClub Members Posts: 23
    Ahhh I see that makes sense.The Venom charger I believe but don't quote me is 7a

    and the power supply is internal.I am only going to have one battery right now

    the single charger makes sense but I know myself and the 10-15 minutes at a

    time isn't going to sit well with me.Like you said they are really cheap so I

    can just buy another later.

  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    If I only had 1 battery and had to wait between charges and flights I'd probably have quit by now lol. I ALWAYS have at LEAST 2 of each batteries charge and ready to go before I go flying. That way I can fly the 1st, toss i on the charger, fly the 2nd and usually the 1st is ready to go before the 2nd one is flat. Rinse and repeat :) then when I am all done flying I imidiately put them on the charger to sto them. I didn't used to do this and I lost a lot of money on puffed or bad cells or just borked batteries. Now my batteries last forever!

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