HK Tailwheel

TemplarTemplar Club Members Posts: 11
Hey guys, Can any of you tell me how this tailwheel is supposed to be installed? Where does the brass piece go? Thanks!


  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    Looks as though it goes into the swivel barrel and is held in place with the two grub screws. The remainder of the brass shaft is epoxied to the bottom of the vertical stabiliser hinged edge making the tail wheel part of the rudder assembly.

    The grub screws allow removal of the wheel and mounting frame assembly without having to remove the hinged rudder from the vertical stabiliser.Sooty2016-04-28 14:38:03
  • TemplarTemplar Club Members Posts: 11
    Thanks Sooty. I used to be called Sooty when I was a chimney sweep years ago.
  • dart16dart16 Club Members Posts: 77
    I have a different take on it..If -

    there is a hole in the top of the ali barrel


    the second hole in the top of the barrel at 90 to the grubscrew is threaded


    the spring steel wire fits vertically in the top of the barrel

    then the steel wire should be fitted into the barrel top and bent at 90 degrees so it fits into a hole that you make in the leading edge of the rudder. then you have a choice,

    you can either use the brass piece, screwed into the side of the barrel to    connect to a push rod to control the rudder and tailwheel,


    you can use a pull-pull system directly to the rudder to control the rudder and tailwheel,


    you could have separate control of the tailwheel and the rudder by using pull-pull on the rudder and a pushrod to the tailwheel

    opps..just noticed how old the thread is thanks WTWUK....I know image dart162016-06-22 19:17:03
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,608 ✭✭✭
    Well at least it is still the same year ... heh heh!!

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