9XR Pro & FrSky modules/Rx.

nzblacksheepnzblacksheep Club Members Posts: 9
Can anyone please advise which of the current FrSky modules are compatible with the Turnigy 9XR Pro?

And will these current FrSky modules be compatible with my older FrSky V8-type (4 and 8 channel) receivers? I have ten of them and don't want to have to change.



  • SawdustSawdust Club Members Posts: 6,763 ✭✭✭
    Any of the JR form factor ones are. Someone else will have to tell you which of them are compatible with the V8 type receivers. I think all of them but I'm not certain.
  • nzblacksheepnzblacksheep Club Members Posts: 9
    Thanks Sawdust,

    Have just noticed that it is stated on Hobbyking's FrSky module page that the DJT module is compatible with all the V8 non-telemetry receivers...

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