D8R-XP bind problem Red ind on module is solid red

WeanutsWeanuts Club Members Posts: 27
I do not see a reference to solid red in Led status in instructions in bind procedure.

D8R-XP bind indicator light is on solid red after binding procedure. I can still control switches for camera and flashing lights installed on channels 5 and 6, but no receiver inputs in KK2 board. Prior to firmware update on both TX and RX modules, bind light on D8r-XP module would be dim green and everything would be normal. I can run 18 and 27 ms cppm firmware on DJT module and everthing is ok, but when I install V2_host_romb_build-100826.frk into tx, I get the above problem. Also I am doing a simultaneous firmware update in RX each time I do a firmware change in DJT module.


  • LycanrocLycanroc Club Members Posts: 19

    Most of receivers do have same LED indicators. Blinking LED for binding. Solid green which means that the receiver and transmitter is binded. Solid red has a connection issue. Blinking red is binding issue. Can't bind the receiver to the transmitter. You need to make sure that the battery you use for binding is well charged.

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